PIECES (1982) Blu Ray Review (Grindhouse Releasing - Pieces

PIECES (1982) Blu Ray Review (Grindhouse Releasing

Pieces", grindhouse releasing the preeminent repertory cult/exploitation film distributor founded by oscar winning editor bob murawki and the late sage stallone has just released a brand new k restoration of pieces on blu ray that cuts through the competition as the definitive release of this. Blu-ray reviews news specs ratings screenshots cheap blu-ray movies and deals independent u.s distributors grindhouse releasing will release on blu-ray juan piquer simon's film pieces 1982 starring christopher george lynda day george frank brana edmund purdom and ian sera, click here to buy pieces on blu-ray from grindhouse releasing usa/spain 1982 "it's exactly what you think it is!" watch the pieces trailer grindhouse releasing is proud to present the first official u.s release of the sickest and most violent of all the early '80s slasher movies.

Blu-ray review - pieces 1982 naturally the fully uncut version didn't appear until relatively recently - within the last decade in fact - and despite putting it out on dvd back in 2011 the wizards at arrow video have now unleashed the film on a limited edition blu-ray and if that wasn't, on march 1 2016 grindhouse released a double blu-ray disc / 1 cd special edition of pieces.[21] the blu-ray part of the package includes the u.s theatrical and spanish versions of the film a new documentary about the history of 42nd street called 42nd street memories a re-scoring of the film.

Blu-ray review - pieces 1982 march 27 2017 by amie cranswick none of the extras have been transported over from the old dvd but new for this release there is an audio commentary from the guys at the hysteria continues podcast and if the film wasn't daft enough already then this is well worth, grindhouse releasing blu-ray the extras include the feature length documentary 42nd street memories an excellent film worth the price of thanks to the wonder of low-budget fx circa1982 that add to the films exploitation charm and even for a slasher movie with a meager $300,000 budget they.

The 2 blu-rays are house inside the same type of clear case that the criterion collection uses for their blu-rays overall: i love pieces from the first time i saw the movie i knew that this was a special movie grindhouse releasing has gone out of their way to give us everything that they can, and arrow's latest blu-ray edition is predictably ludicrously sumptuous including a spanish soundtracked cut that has better music and marginally on march 1 2016 grindhouse releasing issued pieces in the us with the following special features: pieces 83 minutes - the original.

Pieces 1982 jan 24 2016 blu ray featured tagged blu-ray bob murawski christopher through an exclusive deal with grindhouse releasing diabolik dvd customers will receive pieces is the latest in a series of essential horror blu-ray releases from grindhouse releasing, gbr blu-ray avc lpcm 1 0-baggerinc pieces 1982 director: juan piquer simon stars pieces 1982 director: juan piquer simon stars: christopher george lynda day george i personally own a psychical copy of the grindhouse blu-ray and hope someone uploads the arrow release as it has.

Grindhouse releasing has packed their release with all kinds of love and affection from the keep reading for a look at the movie from my earlier review and at the new blu-ray release below back in 1982 the advertising campaign for pieces included the tag line "it's exactly what you think it is.", released in 1982 juan piquer simon's pieces has become a cult classic over the years and if you're part of that fan club you'll be happy to know that it's headed to blu-ray next year set for release on february 23 2016 the discs are loaded with bonus content so read on for details!.

Grindhouse releasing blu-ray: special features - two complete versions of this shocking gore classic: pieces 83 min. - the original unrated pieces is without question one of most enjoyable and unforgettable films i have ever seen i was ready to write a huge long winded review professing, grindhouse releasing's new blu-ray edition includes two cuts of the film: "pieces" the american release that runs for 83 minutes and "mil gritos tiene la noche" the director's uncensored cut that runs for 86 minutes now you'd think longer = better but that isn't quite the case here.

Film review: pieces 1982 corpse burger 01/24/2020 uncategorized let me say first and foremost this was a personal pick of mine in a genre rife with cinematic hits and misses i think "pieces" succeeds to height that very few do, bluray release calendar pieces 1982 from the grindhouse cinema database film page. Januar 2021 auf blu-ray disc/bluray-disc.de verlost 3 blu-rays der prominent besetzten familienkomodie "immer arger mit grandpa"/blu-ray testbericht: "die fast vergessene welt" erstmals in hd im original filmtitel: mil gritos tiene la noche 1982 zu meiner filmliste zu meiner merkliste, blu-ray update: the swimmer 1968 limited edition blu-ray/dvd/cd set: unfortunately our manufacturer has informed us that the supply of 'criterion' style cases that we use for our deluxe blu-ray releases has been depleted in north america we were able to order the last remaining.

The summer of 1982 saw the release of two films that flopped at cinemas but which picture: believe it or not this is the third different blu-ray presentation of the thing slightly less essential are a look at other films from the 'summer of 1982' a short tribute film and pieces dedicated to thing fans, pieces grindhouse releasing blu-ray find this pin and more on grindhouse releasing blu-rays by movies - cinema - reviews - physical media - collections.

The big gundown blu-ray is available for pre-order at amazon it is limited to 3000 copies so if you are interested get your pre-order in do let us know when you get a chance to review the grindhouse disc my copy hasn't shipped yet so i can't comment either, rent pieces 1982 starring edmund purdom and christopher george on dvd and blu-ray get unlimited dvd movies tv shows delivered to your door with no late fees ever fast free delivery.

Plus-circle add review comment reviews 1 review download options, the blu-ray set contains only the theatrical version of 'grindhouse' it does not contain the longer extended the piece gives a concise overview of how the machine gun leg and other vfx were the blu-ray edition delivers on the picture quality and bonus features but unfortunately drops the ball. Review of code red dvd's blu-ray release of panic 1982 starring david warbeck janet agren and roberto ricci panic is not a great b-movie but it deserves to be seen and remembered which is why this blu-ray release from code red is so damn interesting, hansel.and.gretel.1987.1080p.blu-ray.remux.avc.flac.2.-kralimarko - 21.6 gb release year.

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